Week 32 Results

In Week 32 action, the 4 game series was between Phil and Chris, with both teams in second place trying to fend off the third place teams and catch the first place teams. They split 4 games.

Rich, trying to get back into playoff position, played Tim. Tim should have been easy pickings, but Rich dropped 3 of 5 at home to fall 3.5 games behind Phil for 2nd place.

Robert played Dougald, who had a bit of a revival last week. Dougald continued his winning ways, taking 3 of 5 from Robert, but it might be too little too late for Dougald as he’s 7 games behind Chris with 15 to play. Robert’s lead over Chris stands at 2.5 games.

John went to Paul’s stadium, expecting easy pickings, and didn’t find them. Paul took 3 of 5 – his first winning week in recent memory, leaving John 4.5 games over Chris and 8 games ahead of Rich.

Bob’s team went to play Mark, and stomped, taking 4 of 5, extending his lead for 4th place to 8 games over Mark.