Week 31 Results

Going into this week, Tim’s team was hoping to gain valuable ground against Phil – as Phil was playing Paul and Tim was playing Mark. Tim held serve the first game and won, 4-1. The second game, Tim got 2 two-run homers off of Chase Anderson in the 1st inning and joked about Anderson throwing underhand. This would come back to haunt Tim, as his offense took that as a cue to go on vacation.

Mark chipped away at the lead, but it was 4-3 in the bottom of the 9th with two out and Tyler Flowers facing Edwin Diaz. Mark rolled the 5-3 HR 1-12 and caught it to tie the game. He then won in the 11th on a sacrifice fly. Luis Castillo and Miles Mikolas then each held Tim’s team to a single run, and Mark took 3 of 4. Tim lost Robinson Cano for 7 games.

John played for Paul and won 3 of 4, the last game going 12 innings. Ryan Zimmerman got hurt for 15 games.

Bob came in to his series with Robert on a cold streak and expected to get swept. Instead, he romped to win 3 and climb back into the race.

Rich and Chris will play today. Dougald and John will play later this week.