Week 29 Results

After years of being mercilessly battered by Rich’s team, and needing badly to gain ground on Phil, Tim swept Rich in 4 games. Tim outhomered Rich, 16-7, and generally everything went Tim’s way in the series. Manny Machado hit 4 homers in the third game, and had two chances to hit a 5th homer, but struck out both times (he also hit 2 homers in the first game and 1 in the second game). Machado also had 17 RBI on the week. Then, because nothing is easy, Phil swept John. The last game was a 1-0 victory, Verlander over Walker Buehler with a Giancarlo Stanton solo shot as the only run. Dougald put some distance between himself and Bob by taking 3 of 4, and Robert stayed in first place by taking 3 of 4 from Mark. Paul and Chris will play later in the week.