Week 28 Results

In the second week of home and home series, Chris took 3 of 4 from John. This keeps Chris within 2 games of Robert and shortens John’s lead to 1 game over Phil.

Phil took 3 of 4 from Dougald, whose team seems to be drooping in the stretch run. This stretches Phil’s lead over Rich to 5 games.

Rich split 4 games with Bob.

Robert took 3 of 4 after dropping the first game to Paul to preserve his lead over Chris and expand his home field advantage lead to 4 games (best record in the league).

Tim and Mark split 4 games. In the third game of the series, Luis Castillo had a no-hitter through 8 innings when he was pulled and replaced with Alex Colome, who gave up a two-out triple to Mookie Betts to break up the no-hitter.