Deadlines and Drafts

As the draft approaches, I wanted to put down some details about upcoming dates:

Thursday, February 21st: Ballpark draft begins at 5pm, over email (note, people are allowed to begin earlier than 5pm if it is their turn in the draft). Prior to this, everyone must declare whether they are staying in their current park or leaving for a new park. See below for ballpark draft order.

Friday, February 22nd: Please have your protected rosters submitted by 8pm. Please specify which players are pitchers (and which are asterisk starters) and which are hitters in your protected list. NOTE: You are allowed to trade players not on your protected list until draft day.

Sunday, February 24th: Draft Day at the Parks and Rec. Doors open at 9:30am. We’ll set up the room and such and the draft usually begins after 10am.

Ballpark Draft Order:

  1. Bob – Cleveland
  2. Tim – Cincinnati
  3. Phil – Washington
  4. John – Chicago (NL)
  5. Paul – Toronto
  6. Mark – Oakland
  7. Chris – Atlanta
  8. Robert – Houston
  9. Rich – Philadelphia
  10. Dougald – Pittsburgh

Extra Pitchers Draft Order (reverses in 2nd round):

  1. Mark
  2. Bob
  3. Rich
  4. Dougald
  5. Chris
  6. Phil
  7. Tim
  8. Robert
  9. John
  10. Paul